Model Rocket Competition 2013 
It is exciting to watch others making rockets, but it will be more exciting to make one by yourself! This year, our team will host a small model rocket competition in University of Waterloo where students from all faculties are welcome to join. You will form your own teams, and make a small model rocket with the help from our staff. In the end, you will launch your rockets, and compete for distance. The winning team will get a small prize. By the end of the competition, You will learn some basics about rocketry, and gain a fun experience! 

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Rocket Dream Project (Details to be announced) 
Rocket is a vehicle to the universe. To most people, rocket symbolizes for reaching for dreams and making ideas happen. So, how about flying your dreams with our rocket? In this project, anyone can write down their dreams and wishes on a small piece of paper. Our team will collect those paper slips, and launch them to the sky with our rocket! 


Rocketry Education Session
Our team has had an ongoing and active outreach program in both 2011, and 2012. The ESQ (Engineering Science Quest) day camp for children is run throughout the summer at University of Waterloo. Children participate in a number of science related actives. One of the activities is to visit with student engineering teams. Over the last year we have run outreach sessions for over 250 children. We have taught them some of the basic principles of rocket design. We also flown small model rockets with them. Outreach remains an important part of our work, as we seek to inspire the future generations of rocket scientists. 

Ben Criger teaching ESQ kids about model rocket design.